Thursday, July 9, 2009

Four packs of Topps Series 2

I picked two up from Wal-Mart and two from Target. Below are the "hits". Anybody who needs some base or any of the cards below (maybe not the TR's) let me know and we can wok something out.

My status

After a good 2 month absence from the computer world, I am back....for now. As for my collecting tastes, they have changed drastically. I don't really collect Lance Johnson or Jeromy Burnitz too much right now. As of late, i have been collecting everything of my favorite team, the Phillies. I also have been getting into cert autos and GU stuff rather than ttm/ip. I dunno, looks like I am changing a bit. As for blogging, expect this blog to be alive and kicking. To everybody I owed cards to (I hope nobody), please let me know and they will be on your way asap. As for now, keep a lookout for more posting and what not. I am also looking for anything Phillies, so hit me up if you want to unload.