Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3/31: Auto of the Day

Player: Mo Vaughn
Card: 1994 Topps
Date: 1/16/09 in 20 Days
Address: Hit Dog Training Center 57 French Street Stoughton, MA 02072

This was one of the autos I got back from the first batch of ttm I ever sent. I remember Mo very strongly in his career with the Red Sox, Angles, and Mets in the 90's and 00's. My fondest memory was booing him when he came to town as a Met because big Moe crowded the plate so bad, it was too hard to pitch to him. The reason why I love this card so much was because of his skinny figure. Anybody that knows baseball can tell Mo either got very fat over the years, or was a product of the roids. In my opinion, he just got big. If you ever read the Mitchell Report, page 186 says "Vaughn reportedly bought human growth hormone (hGH) from Kirk Radomski leaving behind 3 checks made out to Radomski beginning in 2001. Radomski told investigators that he never sold Vaughn any anabolic steroids because Vaughn was "afraid of the big needles."

As for his signing rates, he isn't too good. Since December of 07, he has only signed a few times c/o his work. He used to sign a lot in 04, but has been very streaky since. Also, there has been many reports that he uses a ghost signer, but I am 99.9% sure that this one is legit. I have another Vaughn on 2000 Pacific if anybody wants to take a crack at it.


3/31: One in from Yankees ST

I was surprised to even get one in today. For some reason, Tuesday is my worst mail day. Mr. Albaladejo actually just made the team. In this spring, he gave up one earned over 9 2/3 innings. In those innings, he struck out ten. This kid really has some power to his pitch. I watched him a few times in 07 when he was a National and I can tell that he will be a strong righty out of that already strong Yankees pen for years to come.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Ya win some, ya lose some

Well, I went 1/2 on my bids. With a minute to spare, My 1994 Topps Brian Jordan was snatched at me and I didn't have enough time to make my bid higher. Anyways, I did come home with this!

For a guy who has never signed a card ttm in his life, $3 is pretty nice!

In other news, I have about ten cards going out tomorrow ttm.


3/30: Auto of the Day

Player: Mickey Morandini
Card: 1994 Topps
Date: 1/16/09 in eight days
Address: 290 E. Tratebas Rd. Chesterton, IN 46304-2556

Here's a new segment that will go on everyday. Everyday, I will be posting one auto from my collection and explaining the player, how I got it, and why it is so significant.Anybody who is a Phillies fan or generally a baseball fan knows Mr. Morandini. Though I wasn't able to watch him when he was in his prime, me and my sister had a nickname for him. We used to call him Mickey Macaroni (I was 6 or 7).

For those who don't know, Morandini used to be one of the best signers out there. According to SCN, he stopped signing regularly in October of 07. He still signs, but a bit sporadiclly now. Now would be the time to send to Mickey, because he has been signing as of Febuary of 2009! I do please ask you not to send more than three cards, because overload is what made him stop the first time.


March 30th: Volstad and the Mayor

Today's successes were very nice in my opinion. Volstad, has pretty much an ace ceiling at the moment and we could be seeing him as soon as this year in the starting rotation. I was able to see him pitch in August of last year, and he kept up with my man Cole Hamels. Sean Casey will always have a space in my heart as one of my idols growing up. Sean is one of the nicest players of all time. I remember he used to spend hours signing autographs before and after games. After not being signed again by Detriot, Casey praised the owners on giving him a a shot. Casey is one guy that will be missed in the sport. Good thing I can watch him on MLBN this season! By the way, the 08 Bowman Volstad is up for trade (or free if your a huge Marlins fan). Just letting you guys know, I won a few auctions, so that will be posted up later.

Also people, check out http://greatoriolesautographproject.blogspot.com/. It is a very nice blog that is about gathering every player from the O's autograph. Pretty cool if you ask me!


Sunday, March 29, 2009


Ever wondered what players sign or don't sign? Ever been frustrated because you couldn't find an address? SCN (www.sportscollectors.net) is your answer! For a mere $15, you get success rates, working addresses, and a great community of graphers. Not only is the site great, but the owner is a great guy. Not only does he keep in contact with the members, he also adds to the site each and every day. One aspect of the site that is great is the messege board. The members there are some of the most generous people out there. They always list pirvate signings, sell cards for cheap, and make great discussion. With the three months I have been a member, I have made many e-friends and have made many trades. So what do you have to lose? Join up and see what your missing!

*If you do, send me a pm on there. My name is phish420


Bidding: March 29th, Part 2

After work, I decided to bid on two more things. Here they are:

1985 Fleer Dave Stewert

I mean, who else won four straight 20 win games and 3 playoff MVP awards? If the AL wasn't so full of aces, Dave could have ran away with a few Cy Youngs. I am currently bidding at $.99 and hopefully I will hold on.


I really need this 1/1 for the player collection because who knows if I will ever see it again. I am currently bidding at $2.25, but it looks as if I could be entering a bidding war because there's four days left on the auction.


Currently Bidding

As any baseball card collector knows, Ebay is a great thing. After obtaining my paycheck from work, I decided to see what deals I may come by. After searching the bay for some stuff for my player collections and some autographs to add to my collection, I came by three items.

2001 SP Game Bat Milestone Piece of Action Milestone #JBU

This is a pretty common GU card. My current bid stands at $.25 right now and it is ending pretty soon. Hopefully I can snag this for my collection

Albert "Joey" Belle 96 Fleer

For some reason, I am a sucker for this set. Growing up, Albert was one of my role models (Hey, I never knew that he was a jerk). Nobody, and I mean nobody was as dominate as Belle in the 90's. I don't know too many players that had 100+ RBI for 9 straight seasons, 30+ HR for 8 striahgt seasons, and still kept a batting average close or above .300. The 95 AL MVP should have been Belle's, but Vaughn got it due to him playing in more of a big city town (my opinion). Since Belle has never, and will never sign ttm, here's my chance.

Brian Jordan 94 Topps

Not only am I a sucker for 96 Fleer, but 94 Topps will always hold a special place in my heart. At a young age, these were some of the first cards I have ever gotten. I have nearly completed the set (unsigned) since then. Being a huge Phillies fan, I remember Jordan when he was a Brave. Even though I couldn't stand the Braves at all, Jordan was a guy I always respected. He always had a good arm and a pretty nice bat. Dunno, since he requires a $5 fee, I decided to try and get him at $4 lower.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 26th and 27th Mail Day

From left to right, Sean Henn, Mike Bielcki, Don Robinson, and Mike Heath.

Before it is asked, I do tell all players to add "To Mike" because that way it voids any thought of them thinking I will be using Ebay to make money off there name. All of these were sent off c/o home except Sean Henn was sent at spring training.



Hey guys, I am LanceBurnitz (Mike is the real name) and I started this blog to share my quest. For anybody who has been apart of a baseball trading card site has seen a thing called player collectors. Well guys and gals, I am one of them. I am currently working on collection every single card by both. I started on Lance Johnson in February and Burnitz and week or two ago. I am also a huge ttm person. With that, I am currently working on the 1990 Fleer set. In this blog, you will see new card additions, ttm stuff, and many more! Hopefully I get some followers that will help me along the way. In the meantime, here's my newest Burnitz addition c/o Ebay

It only cost $20 and it is numbered 3/4