Thursday, July 9, 2009

My status

After a good 2 month absence from the computer world, I am back....for now. As for my collecting tastes, they have changed drastically. I don't really collect Lance Johnson or Jeromy Burnitz too much right now. As of late, i have been collecting everything of my favorite team, the Phillies. I also have been getting into cert autos and GU stuff rather than ttm/ip. I dunno, looks like I am changing a bit. As for blogging, expect this blog to be alive and kicking. To everybody I owed cards to (I hope nobody), please let me know and they will be on your way asap. As for now, keep a lookout for more posting and what not. I am also looking for anything Phillies, so hit me up if you want to unload.



  1. Glad to see you back. I have some Burnitz and Johnson cards I had pulled for you. If you don't want them, that's fine, but they are yours if you want. What have you been up to?

  2. Of course I can use em. Didn't you need that O's Bonilla if I remember correctly? E-mail me your addy again and I will e-mail mine.