Sunday, March 29, 2009

Currently Bidding

As any baseball card collector knows, Ebay is a great thing. After obtaining my paycheck from work, I decided to see what deals I may come by. After searching the bay for some stuff for my player collections and some autographs to add to my collection, I came by three items.

2001 SP Game Bat Milestone Piece of Action Milestone #JBU

This is a pretty common GU card. My current bid stands at $.25 right now and it is ending pretty soon. Hopefully I can snag this for my collection

Albert "Joey" Belle 96 Fleer

For some reason, I am a sucker for this set. Growing up, Albert was one of my role models (Hey, I never knew that he was a jerk). Nobody, and I mean nobody was as dominate as Belle in the 90's. I don't know too many players that had 100+ RBI for 9 straight seasons, 30+ HR for 8 striahgt seasons, and still kept a batting average close or above .300. The 95 AL MVP should have been Belle's, but Vaughn got it due to him playing in more of a big city town (my opinion). Since Belle has never, and will never sign ttm, here's my chance.

Brian Jordan 94 Topps

Not only am I a sucker for 96 Fleer, but 94 Topps will always hold a special place in my heart. At a young age, these were some of the first cards I have ever gotten. I have nearly completed the set (unsigned) since then. Being a huge Phillies fan, I remember Jordan when he was a Brave. Even though I couldn't stand the Braves at all, Jordan was a guy I always respected. He always had a good arm and a pretty nice bat. Dunno, since he requires a $5 fee, I decided to try and get him at $4 lower.

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