Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30th: Volstad and the Mayor

Today's successes were very nice in my opinion. Volstad, has pretty much an ace ceiling at the moment and we could be seeing him as soon as this year in the starting rotation. I was able to see him pitch in August of last year, and he kept up with my man Cole Hamels. Sean Casey will always have a space in my heart as one of my idols growing up. Sean is one of the nicest players of all time. I remember he used to spend hours signing autographs before and after games. After not being signed again by Detriot, Casey praised the owners on giving him a a shot. Casey is one guy that will be missed in the sport. Good thing I can watch him on MLBN this season! By the way, the 08 Bowman Volstad is up for trade (or free if your a huge Marlins fan). Just letting you guys know, I won a few auctions, so that will be posted up later.

Also people, check out It is a very nice blog that is about gathering every player from the O's autograph. Pretty cool if you ask me!


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