Saturday, April 4, 2009

April 4th: Auto of the day

With school, work, and friends, I haven't been able to update as often as I would like to. Anyways, here's the auto of the day!

Player: Lance "One Dog" Johnson
Card: 1990 Fleer
Address: 5712 Foxfire Rd Mobile AL 36618
Date: 1/18/09 in 15 Days

This was my first of the couple times I sent to Lance Johnson. As many of you know, I named this blog after Lance Johnson. Currently, I am collecting all of his cards and I am at 25% (round there). What makes this so significant is that it is a 1990 Fleer. That set is one of the sets I am currently working on at the moment and the progress is going smoothly.

For Lance's signing habits, he's around a 50%. Now would be the time to send though because he has been signing everything for the past couple months. I sent to him again on March 9th and gave him 10 dupes from the player collection for him to keep. I got this one back in 10 days. I plan on sending to him again in a week or two with 1-15 more dupes.


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