Sunday, April 12, 2009

Great vacation and mail day(s)

Well it was great to see my sister, who is a sophmore up at Penn State. I must say though, I am a tad but hung over. Anyways, here are some great sights to look at.

Burnitz, Jeromy 2005 Bazooka Bazooka Blasts GU Bat
Burnitz, Jeromy 2003 Studio Player Collection GU Jersey #/300

I picked up these two gems from a trader at a forum called the bench. Pretty nice GU stuff to add to the collection I must say.

The top three cards were from ttm this weekend. If I am correct, I believe that I have 25 different 1990 Fleer cards for my set. The bottom three were from Ryan at The Great O's Project. I know that I have been an advocate for his blog in the past and I suggest you check it out. I will have another post tonight, but for now, I need a nap.


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