Sunday, April 5, 2009

Auto of the Day: Phillie's Baseball Style!

Well, we got opening night tonight in the City of Brotherly Love. Since it's such a special occasion and I didn't get fired from work yet, I decided to post two cards of players. Without anymore discussion, I bring you Joe Blanton and Carlos Carrasco!

Blanton is a guy that needs to step it up this year. He has always been a sub par pitcher, but with the not great rotation we have, we need Blanton and everybody else to pitch well and compliment Hamels. Carrasco has been the pitcher of the future here in Philadelphia forever. Carrasco is still young, and I expect him to make some starts at the end of the year and be in the rotation next season.

As for signing habits, Blanton is great. Send to him any time of the year, and you WILL get something back from him. On SCN, around 50 people sent to him this spring, and he signed everything that came to him. Carrasco signed all last spring, but only signed bigger objects this spring. These are the types of players you need to catch young, and before thet become superstars. GO PHILLIES!


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