Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6th: Auto of the Day

Player: Mike Mussina
Card: 1994 Topps
Address: 1302 Spruce Street Mountoursville, PA 17754
Date: 1/16/09 in 15 days

As said before, I sent this card in my first ttm batch ever. No lie, it stands as one of my favorite autographs of all time. Up until last season, Mussina's last good season came in 2003, where he had an ERA+ of 129 and won 17 games. He did have a pretty good season in 2005, but we the fans could se he was going down hill. Last year was a different story. Mike won 20 games, had an ERA of 3.37, and picked up another gold glove. For the Hall of Fame, I am a bit on the fence with Mussina. In a neutral 162 game season with his averege run support he got his whole career (4.42), his number are great, but not first ballot. His K/BB ratio is about 4:1, 210 wins (wins are a stupid stat), and 2787 strikouts. In my opinion, he will get in sooner or later, but may have to wait a little.

As for his signing habits, everybody and there brother has gotten Mike Mussina. It looks like all of those years of signing has gotten to Mussina and he has basically stopped signing unless it's for a donation to his foundation (or its a bigger item). The address for the foundation is on his website and he will sign even for a tiny donation.


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