Monday, April 13, 2009

Lost for words........

Being a huge Phillies fan, I have been hearing Harry K my whole life. I will be posting the mail day tomorrow. Today is a moment of silence for the best announcer maybe ever and another fallen ball player.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Great vacation and mail day(s)

Well it was great to see my sister, who is a sophmore up at Penn State. I must say though, I am a tad but hung over. Anyways, here are some great sights to look at.

Burnitz, Jeromy 2005 Bazooka Bazooka Blasts GU Bat
Burnitz, Jeromy 2003 Studio Player Collection GU Jersey #/300

I picked up these two gems from a trader at a forum called the bench. Pretty nice GU stuff to add to the collection I must say.

The top three cards were from ttm this weekend. If I am correct, I believe that I have 25 different 1990 Fleer cards for my set. The bottom three were from Ryan at The Great O's Project. I know that I have been an advocate for his blog in the past and I suggest you check it out. I will have another post tonight, but for now, I need a nap.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9th: Six in!

Today marked my 100th ttm success. Since I got six in, I dunno who was number 100. I believe it could have been Lee Stevens, but who knows

LanceBurnitz will be on vacation!

Starting tomorrow at noon, I will be heading up to State College, PA to visit my sister up at PSU. To anybody who I owe cards to, I will be sending them out tomorrow. Anyways, I was working out at the gym and heard the terrible news about the death of Nick Adenhart. A loved one was just taken away from me way too young and his death really hits home. My prayers go out to Nick's family and the Angles organization.

R.I.P Nick.

What sickens me just as much as a drunk driver is the ebay listings. Just because of a death, those greedy punks are trying to cash in on him. Please, do not bid on any products of him on ebay right now. If you do, your only helping one make profit on a death.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One 1990 Fleer in and Jeromy Burnitz!

After getting off from a crappy day at work, my mail box had a SASE in it and a bubble mailer. Lets see what was inside:

Ah yes, the famous B O's from Bobby Bonilla! This si actually my second time getting Bobby Bonilla. My first time was way back in January when he signed a O's card (I know somebody needs it!) and a Mets card. If you are new to the ttm thing, this is a guy you send to. As of late, he has been one of the best signers out there. Do a simple google search and you can find his addy. If you don't want that trouble, let me know and one of my extras will be on your way.

2001 SP Game Bat Milestone Piece of Action Milestone #JBU Jeromy Burnitz

Got this one off the bay for a mere $.25 + shipping. Pretty common GU card, but if I needed it for my player collection, I gotta have it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Forgotten: Walt Weiss

Being only 16, I grew up reading baseball history for as long as I could could remember. I didn't start following current baseball up until 1999 when I started playing All-Star Baseball on my N64. In this segment, which you will be seeing every once in a while is dedicated to the players I grew up watching who aren't really talked about these days.

Hopefully this will have a sig on it someday

Being a Phillies fan, I used to watch Walt a lot in 99-00 when he was with the Braves. When I first started getting into collecting, I saw a card of him making a really nice diving catch (98 Collectors Choice, still have the card) and I knew he had to be good. Though his bat wasn't too good, he had one of the best gloves out there. At the very demanding position of SS, he committed under 20 errors every season except one. What many don't know is that he was the Rookie of the Year in 1988 and won himself one World Series in 1989 with the A's.

As for what he's doing today, Weiss has basically stayed out of the limelight. He does a lot of charity work with many organizations in North New York. As for his signing habits, don't expect to get him ttm. The guy has never really signed past his playing career, and if he does, it is very sporadically. I plan on writing to him with some money in the near future and hopefully I can get a signed 1990 Fleer. Look forward to another forgotten player tonight, as I will be updating in a couple hours.


April 6th: Auto of the Day

Player: Mike Mussina
Card: 1994 Topps
Address: 1302 Spruce Street Mountoursville, PA 17754
Date: 1/16/09 in 15 days

As said before, I sent this card in my first ttm batch ever. No lie, it stands as one of my favorite autographs of all time. Up until last season, Mussina's last good season came in 2003, where he had an ERA+ of 129 and won 17 games. He did have a pretty good season in 2005, but we the fans could se he was going down hill. Last year was a different story. Mike won 20 games, had an ERA of 3.37, and picked up another gold glove. For the Hall of Fame, I am a bit on the fence with Mussina. In a neutral 162 game season with his averege run support he got his whole career (4.42), his number are great, but not first ballot. His K/BB ratio is about 4:1, 210 wins (wins are a stupid stat), and 2787 strikouts. In my opinion, he will get in sooner or later, but may have to wait a little.

As for his signing habits, everybody and there brother has gotten Mike Mussina. It looks like all of those years of signing has gotten to Mussina and he has basically stopped signing unless it's for a donation to his foundation (or its a bigger item). The address for the foundation is on his website and he will sign even for a tiny donation.


April 6th: Mail Day!

After a Phillies opening night loss and the pain and suffering of watching Lowe blow through my team, today's mail had to be good. Well lets just say it wasn't too bad:

This marks my 20th 1990 Fleer success. The Milt Thompson was nice because I am a huge Phillies fan. There's nothing to really say about today's mail day but it was nice to get some stuff signed. I have an extra Bill Spiers on 2000 Pacific if anybody needs him. Let me know an it will be in the mail tomorrow morning.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Auto of the Day: Phillie's Baseball Style!

Well, we got opening night tonight in the City of Brotherly Love. Since it's such a special occasion and I didn't get fired from work yet, I decided to post two cards of players. Without anymore discussion, I bring you Joe Blanton and Carlos Carrasco!

Blanton is a guy that needs to step it up this year. He has always been a sub par pitcher, but with the not great rotation we have, we need Blanton and everybody else to pitch well and compliment Hamels. Carrasco has been the pitcher of the future here in Philadelphia forever. Carrasco is still young, and I expect him to make some starts at the end of the year and be in the rotation next season.

As for signing habits, Blanton is great. Send to him any time of the year, and you WILL get something back from him. On SCN, around 50 people sent to him this spring, and he signed everything that came to him. Carrasco signed all last spring, but only signed bigger objects this spring. These are the types of players you need to catch young, and before thet become superstars. GO PHILLIES!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

This is a call for your junk wax!

I love to open up packs of junk wax (88-94). Currently, I would love to trade for unopened packs of this junk wax. Please let me know what you have, cause I would trade pretty well!

-LanceBurnitz (

4/4: Two in!

Is it me, or has it been pretty damn windy round here in Philly? Anyways, I got these in the mail today. After a good 52 days, the Snyder came back and in 15 days, the Grace came back. Lets not beat around the bush, Snyder isn't the best player out there, but he goes out and plays with his heart day in and day out. I would like to see him grab the starting spot over Montero this spring though. The Grace success was nice and it was for my set! I grew up watching Mark in the late 90's and grew a liking for him. Hell, I got a Cubbies hat cause of him. Anybody who needs his address let me know, cause he's a great signer!


April 4th: Auto of the day

With school, work, and friends, I haven't been able to update as often as I would like to. Anyways, here's the auto of the day!

Player: Lance "One Dog" Johnson
Card: 1990 Fleer
Address: 5712 Foxfire Rd Mobile AL 36618
Date: 1/18/09 in 15 Days

This was my first of the couple times I sent to Lance Johnson. As many of you know, I named this blog after Lance Johnson. Currently, I am collecting all of his cards and I am at 25% (round there). What makes this so significant is that it is a 1990 Fleer. That set is one of the sets I am currently working on at the moment and the progress is going smoothly.

For Lance's signing habits, he's around a 50%. Now would be the time to send though because he has been signing everything for the past couple months. I sent to him again on March 9th and gave him 10 dupes from the player collection for him to keep. I got this one back in 10 days. I plan on sending to him again in a week or two with 1-15 more dupes.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

4/2: Three in!

Wow, not a bad day at all! My favorite success has to be Todd Hollandsworth. This is actually my second time getting him (i have him on 01 Topps for trade), but I don't like that design at all. This time I decided to throw him a Fleer Tradition card and it came out great! The Tommy Greene success was nice because I am a diehard Phillies fan, and it took 69 days (my longest yet). The Park in my opinion didn't come out well. I even prepped the card with baby powder, but it still looks crappy. As always, the 2001 Topps Hollandsworth, two of the Greenes, and the Park are for trade.